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The Commons -Commercial Residential Mixed Use

112-116 Old Stage Condos 2.jpg
Units currently available in 114 & 116 Old Stage Road
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Old Stage Condos looking east
217 Two Rivers - northside - Commons.jpg

Two Rivers Commons and North Side Neighborhood 


The Commons @ Two Rivers is a  mixed-use commercial neighborhood where offering public gathering places facing the river and commercial lots for restaurants, live-work units, professional offices and retail shops.  The Commons is an integral part of the overall development attractive vehicle and pedestrian connections to the residential neighborhoods.

The Commons not a strip mall, lying vacant at night. Rather, it will be the vibrant hub of the Two Rivers neighborhoods, a place where people live, shop and interact with each other.

Here, the sidewalks are spacious enough to provide for outdoor dining and people watching. As this is a mixed-use area, people live in residential dwellings above the commercial spaces. 

The mixed-use Two Rivers Commons is zoned C-2 - Central Business. The purpose of the Central Business District is to provide the business and civic functions that make up the neighborhood's core. It offers a strong pedestrian character and provides for concentrated commercial activity with a mix of business, commercial and residential uses that serves the needs of the community and visiting friends.

Our Dimensional Standards associated with the C-2 zone district are the most flexible allowed. As a use-by-right, any owner may build out the total area of the lot up to a height of thirty-five feet. There are no density restrictions: you can build as many units on your lot as you can fit within the building envelope determined by the lot area and 35' height limit. Balconies can cantilever up to 6' over the sidewalks and owners can lease outdoor space for allowed uses within the Common Areas, ie outdoor dining areas on sidewalks or along the river.

There are no on-lot parking requirements; the parking within the Common Area parking lot will be used for off-street parking requirements.

Level Two EV Charging Station is here!  

Two Rivers Commons now offers an electric vehicle charging station thanks to grant funding from Charge Ahead Colorado (Colorado Energy Office).  ChargePoint dual point charger allows for two vehicles to charge at one time.  

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