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Commercial Lots for sale:

8B  $165,000        122 Old Stage Rd

9A   $165,000       124 Old Stage Rd

9B  $247,000        126 Old Stage Rd

10 B $192,500      132 Old Stage Rd

11A $192,500       134 Old Stage Rd

11B $192,500       136 Old Stage Rd

Commercial Buildings

New Commercial Buildings coming in 2021 with opportunities to lease or purchase commercial and residential units.  Call agents for updates.


Check with Broker Associates

Hale Camp 719-221-4637

Lawton Eddy 719-239-1921

for updates on available residential lots.

Check with Broker Associates

Lawton Eddy 719-239-1921

Hale Camp 719-221-4637

for updates on available homes.

Two Rivers Salida Colorado

For Available Commercial

Space in Buildings:

Tom Pokorny

phone: 916-960-9397

Salida, Colorado

For Vacant Commercial Lots Contact: 

Broker Associates:

Lawton Eddy


Hale Camp


Pinon Real Estate Group

201 F St

Salida, CO 81201